***Please be aware that dogs that are not spayed or neutered or do not have their vaccinations come at their own risk. The Montreal Dachshunds Association and the NDG dog run are not responsible for any unwanted pregnancies, pet illnesses, loss or harm to your dog.

Our Ontario Cousin!

Bobbing For Wieners!

Bobbing for Wieners is like Bobbing for apples, but with pieces wieners instead of apples and with only 2 inches of water. Lots of fun for dogs on a warm day!
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About Wienerfest Montreal

wienerlogocrDear Wiener Lovers,

Due to a few things, including the fact that the appeal of the city of montreal dog bylaw has NOT had its day in court yet (which could be problematic for some attendees) and some health issues, there will NOT be a WienerFest Montreal THIS year and we are instead postponing the 10th edition of the WienerFest Montreal until September 8th 2018.
We are looking to change venue so that whatever the outcome of the “Animal Control” court case is, the owners and Participants of WienerFest will not be affected by it.

Thank you, and I looking forward to be seeing your pups (and yourselves, of course) next year.


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Well HELLO THERE & WELCOME to the Montreal Dachshund Association’s 9th annual Wiener Dog Day!

WienerFest Montréal on September 10th 2016 held at the NDG Dog Park (Girouard, N. of Sherbrooke).
the Picnic will start at 12h00.


We are in need of volunteers for the races.
We offer: Lunch, drinks & an event T-shirt.

Positions needed:

  • *Raffle table
  • *Donations Table
  • *Security & dog management
  • *Camera tech
  • **Lots of little helpers!

What you need to bring to the Picnic:

* A silly/creative costume for contest
* Poopy bags
* Cash (no Interact)
* Camera
* Treats

What we supply:
Prizes for:
* Best “All-Dressed” (Costume)
* Best “Silly Weenie” (Tricks),
* Best “Wiener Bobber“,
* A fenced-in area for your dog to run in,
* GREAT Raffle prizes
**More Fun & Laughs than you can wag a tail at…


Donate to help wayward dogs find a home!

(ALL proceeds towards Animal Adoption Montreal, Tiny Paws Dog Rescue, Helping Homeless Pets  & Dachshund Rescue of Canada )